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City Lots are available to anyone wanting to build a home in Twin Valley. Lots are improved with water and sewer and ready for new construction. The City Lots are the ones offered by the City of Twin Valley and TV EDA. Private lots may also available for sale and new homes that qualify under the program can be eligible for the incentives.

Free connection to water and sewer services. The City waives the water & sewer connection fees (a savings of $1625-$900-Water service connection and $725 Sewer service connection) to any new home built and occupied on any currently improved lot within the city limits.  The home builder is responsible for the excavation and installation costs of their personal water and sewer lateral service lines.

Free water, sewer & garbage collection service for six months. The City offers free Water, Sewer & Garbage collection services for six months to the occupants of any new home built within the city limits.

Contact the Twin Valley City Office at 218-584-5254
Business Hours:   M-TH  8:30 AM to 3:30 PM,  F 8 AM to 11:30 AM

City Clerk email:   [email protected]
Utility Clerk email:  [email protected]