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The City of Twin Valley, the TV Economic Development Authority and Local Businesses are working together to promote new housing growth within our community.

We promote and participate in some Local Incentive Programs and State/Federal Funding Programs which help with Gap Financing, and Down Payment Assistance financing.

Contact:  City Hall Office  218-584-5254 for more information.

Office hours: Monday-Thursday  8:30AM - 3:30 PM, Friday 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM, unless otherwise posted.   


The City of Twin Valley has 9 Lot sets available for residential housing - new home construction in Herold's Addition located in the NW portion of town. The City has established these available lots in sets of two and the cost of the sets are at a minimal cost of $1,750. New construction incentives apply to eligible new owners who meet the covenants. Lot sizes are approx. 80x150 & 90x150-giving a double lot of 160x150 or 180x150.  (Zoning Land Use Setbacks will apply)

Pending Improvements: The Twin Valley City Council is working with our city engineers to seek funding for the replacement of the sanitary sewer line in Herold's Addition along with other areas connected to the sanitary sewer system. Sewer line problems were found during the process of soil boring and televising the area while working on a paving project for Herold's Addition.

The City has submitted an application to the appropriate funding agencies to get ranked for possible grant and/or low interest project dollars. If funded the money will be used for the replacement of the infrastructure.

Paving may be done at the same time of the improvements, but property owners need to be aware that any new street improvements are not included as part of replacement.  The City Council will hold public hearings to keep property owners informed.

Infrastructure improvements to the lots sets were installed in 2010. The City had approved the installation of the water and sewer connections to each property from the main line service. By doing this, the city can move forward with another improvement of paving the streets.