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Twin Valley is proud to offer multiple outdoor recreation areas.  From the Heiberg Dam North of town to the Prairie Chicken Blinds South of town there's no shortage of the great outdoors to enjoy.

Visit the original Twin Valley town-site, now known as  Heiberg Park.  Stay for the weekend in our Camp Ground along the Wild Rice River.  Take a dip in the Wild Rice River to cool off, or stand on the shores with a fishing rod.  Heiberg Park also offers a boat ramp into the Wild Rice River. 

Explore the Wild Rice River with  Annie Oakley's Adventures.

Going through our fine city is the Agassiz Recreational Trails (Funded by LCMR). It is a 32 mile multiple use trail.  Biking, hiking, bird-watching, horseback riding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing are just some of the fun activities you can do in our area.   

The Prairie Passage trail also runs through the Twin Valley area, it is a passage of native grasses, flowers, etc. from the Canada border to Texas. Road signs featuring the Yellow ConeFlower mark the Prairie Passage trail.

Stop in the Twin Valley Heritage Center & Art Gallery (located under the water tower) to enjoy the history and collection of artifacts, or seek travel information. From March 1-May 31 you can reserve a "blind" to watch the mating ritual of the Prairie Chickens just south of town in the native prairie grasslands. Browse through the art collection of local artist, Gene Lysaker. Many of the prints are available for sale.